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HA!World Online Experience

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SCHOOLS pictures

01disabled kids, the Netherlands.JPG
abstract paintings on the HA!Man's music.JPG
and from here, just go down!.JPG
boogie woogie in the Czech Republic.JPG
Cape Flats kids.JPG
Cape Flats school.JPG
come come come, all you who are thirsty to express!.JPG
Czech kids.JPG
do you all want to come and play!.JPG
don't tell me you've never done this before! (Hollabrun, Austria).JPG
dutch kids dancing.JPG
full of feeling.JPG
give me that smile again (Upington, Northern Cape).JPG
go down first in Washington DC.JPG
Hoogeveen, NL.JPG
it can break, you know!.JPG
just blow!.JPG
Kadan School, Czech Republic.JPG
King's School, Kwazulu Natal.JPG
look at them!.JPG
lying flat on your back sometimes breaks the spell!.JPG
microphone fun at Bokoro School, Lesotho.JPG
Multi-arts bash, Park Town Girls, Johannesburg 1.JPG
Multi-arts bash, Park Town Girls, Johannesburg 2.JPG
Multi-arts bash, Park Town Girls, Johannesburg 3.JPG
never too small (Alexandra, Johannesburg).JPG
not so difficult...JPG
responses in Kortrijk, Belgium.JPG
something deep to say.JPG
spontaneous duo in Chicago.JPG
St Nicholas Diocesan School, Pietermaritzburg.JPG
Stuterheim, Eastern Cape.JPG
thank you, Bokoro School!.JPG
the piedHA! piper.JPG
this cloth makes music too.JPG
Upington, Northern Cape.JPG
we all play together in Hawaii!.JPG
what's up with the HA!Man... (Hamburg, Germany).JPG
where there is no school hall, there is a field...JPG
yes, that's it!.JPG
you can be funny too.JPG
you can do it!.JPG
you look at me, i look at you.JPG
you'll be chased in Springbok! (Northern Cape).JPG
01disabled kids, the Netherlands.JPG