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HA!World Online Experience

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HA! life pictures

accompanying Priscilla Glover and massed choir in the Guy Bulter Theatre, Grahamstown.jpg
action painting with Tali Farchi-v.d Wouden, Netherlands.JPG
after performance sales.JPG
ain't no mountain high enough.JPG
all of this fitted the original HA! mobile (Namibia).JPG
along works of art in the Netherlands.JPG
always reading something.JPG
announcement, Henry Miller Library, Route 1, CA.JPG
apartment concert in Chicago...JPG
arriving in SA!.jpg
at KKNK Festival, Oudtshoorn, SA.JPG
at Oppikoppi rock festival, Northam, SA.JPG
attending a traditional funeral, Adelaide, Eastern Cape.JPG
awaiting an acoustic theatrical performance.JPG
bikes and lava, Big Island, Hawaii.JPG
Bokoro School, Lesotho.JPG
bushveld magic.JPG
busking in the Netherlands.JPG
busy woman.jpg
camera always close by.JPG
camping in Port Nolloth.JPG
Cape beauty...JPG
cds, cds, cds.JPG
celebration concert with Jennifer Ferguson, Novalis Ubuntu Centre, Cape Town.JPG
cello investigations, Los Angeles.JPG
chatting during interval in Amsterdam.JPG
children's workshop, Hamburg.JPG
choir concert with Lebogang Khumalo, tenor.JPG
church concert, Berlin.JPG
communicating with the globe.JPG
community radio interview in Port Alfred, SA.JPG
concert at Air France head quarters, Charles de Gaule airport, Paris.JPG
conversation in Limpopo Province.JPG
corporate lunch hour concert in Seoul, Korea.JPG
Creation Action Painting, Hoogeveen, the Netherlands.JPG
cycling in Hogsback.JPG
dancing on visuals of Liz Crossley in Berlin.JPG
drawing feelings.JPG
drawing outside.JPG
dutch kids participate.jpg
exploring Verona, Italy.JPG
faithful animal.JPG
family music, Kent, UK.JPG
ferry ride, Vancouver Island.JPG
finding direction in Leipzig...JPG
food on the road in the US of A.jpg
friend and action painter-partner, Geert Oldenbeuving, Hoogeveen, NL.JPG
friend and collaborator Geert Oldenbeuving and Hennie, his wife. Hoogeveen, Netherlands.JPG
full-on improv with Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby.JPG
full-on improv with Joe van der Linden, Port Elizabeth. interpreting photography by Tim Hopwood.JPG
fully improvised recital with Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby, Durban.jpg
garden jump, Hogsback.JPG
get 'em Austrian kids going!.JPG
get out of your shell.JPG
getting ready.JPG
gifts received became performance instruments .JPG
Gordon's Bay, SA.JPG
HA!Man is coming....JPG
HA!Man school performance.JPG
Hollabrun, Austria.JPG
improv fun in Chicago.JPG
improv fun with Joe van der Linden, Port Elizabeth, SA.JPG
improv in Baxter Concert Hall, Cape Town.JPG
improvisaing with children's choir, Baxter Theatre Concert Hall, Cape Town.JPG
improvisation with University of Johannesburg choir.JPG
in a Johannesburg art gallery.JPG
in Joke's home town, Kortrijk.JPG
in the lure of oranges with Nyebho Swartbooi, the Box Theatre, Grahamstown.JPG
inner world.jpg
interview with Radio Sonder Grense - Iris Bester and Chris Chameleon.JPG
it all fits! Lawrence, Kansas.JPG
jamming with friends in downtown San Fran.JPG
Joke at the original poetry slam venue in Chicago.JPG
Joke book sales.JPG
Joke in Maastricht, where she studied theatre.JPG
Joke in preparation for Relentless Universe at the Immersive Dome, Center Sudios, downtown Los Angel
Joke overlooking the Plettenberg Bay.JPG
Joke photo shoot, Koelbaai.JPG
Joke poetry.JPG
Joke preparing poetry books in Berlin.JPG
Joke with Lesotho faces.JPG
Joke writing her book.JPG
Joke writing notes.JPG
Joke, in charge of CD production!.JPG
Jumping with Gert Anklam near Riviersonderend.JPG
Kalk Bay Theatre, Cape Town.JPG
Korean time warp.JPG
late night communications.JPG
leo klein Amsterdam (47).JPG
leo klein Amsterdam.JPG
looking ahead.JPG
make-shift street stage at the KKNK festival, Oudtshoorn.JPG
Maritime Museum, Mossel Bay, SA.JPG
Mass choir improvisation, Guy Butler Theatre, Grahamstown.JPG
meeting with a marching band, PE township.JPG
member of the audience just improvised with HA!Man.JPG
mobile studio in the back of our van.JPG
multi arts bash, Johannesburg.JPG
no school hall, Cape Flats.JPG
Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town.JPG
not-the-guitarist with young cellist.jpg
Offloading in Kareedouw.JPG
on a bitterly cold night in the south of Spain...JPG
on the road, South Africa.JPG
one of the old car's inCARnations.JPG
outdoor venue, Twee Riviere, SA.JPG
performance equipment, downtown LA.JPG
performing Skepping 7 with seven painters in Hoogeveen, Netherlands.JPG
performing with the brush of artist Liz Crossley, Berlin.JPG
piano improv duo.JPG
playing the pied piper, Netherlands.JPG
poetry in Amsterdam.JPG
poetry scifi at Bert's 1604 (4).JPG
preparing for Mandela Celebration Concert, upstate New York.JPG
preparing for piazza performance, Vigevano, Italy.JPG
protest march, Paris.JPG
ready to record soundtrack for The 6th Sense.JPG
rearranging the keyboard for a patient at House of Life, Berlin.JPG
recording on the raod...JPG
redwood forest, CA.JPG
rehearsing Her Time Has Come with a youth orchestra, New York State.JPG
rehearsing in the Immersive Dome, Center Studios, Los Angeles.JPG
residency with Procto'rs Theater, Schenectady, NY.JPG
road dead-end in Italy.JPG
sales near Knysna.JPG
school concert on the Cape Flats.JPG
school for the handicapped.JPG
school performance in the mountains of Lesotho.JPG
school performance with Lesotho mountains backdrop.JPG
school performance, Kadan, Czech Republic.JPG
school performance, Netherlands.JPG
sculpt-dancing with a cloth.JPG
selfie in the Karoo.JPG
selling CDs in the Netherlands.JPG
shwe-shwe cloth for Joke's craft!.JPG
Silent Cinema Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles.jpg
singing in Luxembourg .JPG
six cylindar sound engine.JPG
skit with Nyebho Swartbooi in the Guy Butler Theatre, Grahamstown.jpg
slipping while dancing during a performance in Witvlei, Namibia.jpg
Soiree en Seattle.JPG
soiree in Stellenbosch.JPG
solo piano improv, the HA!Man's original art.JPG
somehwere in Chicago...JPG
somewhere near Neiuwoudtville.JPG
somewhere, a poster.JPG
standing ovation in Tipkerk, Netherlands.JPG
stellenbosch fix.JPG
stranded somewhere in central South Africa.JPG
street performance, Hoogeveen, Netherlands.JPG
stuck in the Karoo!.JPG
studio in Stutterheim, our new home.JPG
sunset, central South Africa.JPG
Swartberg Mountain Pass.JPG
Swartberg Pass, Klein Karoo.JPG
taking a break in the Rockies.JPG
taking a ride with the HA!Man car, Fook Festival, Somerset East, SA.JPG
taking a walk in Leysin, Switzerland.JPG
taking applause along with Blessings from Zimbabwe, just after going through an armed robbery...JPG
taking applause in the Netherlands.JPG
taking train to Paris airport to fly from Europe.JPG
tanking in the US.jpg
the cables.. always the cables.JPG
the car painter!.JPG
the Drakies before going on stage.JPG
the growing role of lights and projection...JPG
the HA! mobile.JPG
the HA! Shop.JPG
The HA! Van, Transkei, SA.JPG
the HA!Man flying kit.JPG
the HA!Mobile being part of the stage in Witvlei, Namibia!.JPG
the long long raods of the US of A.jpg
the nineties. still the hitch-hiker, pre-electronics.JPG
the orHA!nge man with kids in the Netherlands.JPG
the original HA! mobile...JPG
the rental car. the stuff. Europe..JPG
theater, Grahamstown.JPG
there is always a first time!.JPG
they don't sit anymore.JPG
this is Joke. theatre production, Antwerpen.JPG
touring is tiring at times...JPG
touring SA with poet Andy Fierens in 20013.JPG
towards the Big Island vulcanoe.JPG
township marching band, Port Elizabeth.JPG
trying out.JPG
unpacking to perform.JPG
us seen from roof, Assen, Netherlands.JPG
video projection.JPG
violin improvisation workshop, Noordhoek, Cape Town.JPG
vivid in Vienna!.JPG
we also have a smoke machine.JPG
West Coast, SA.JPG
Wild Spirit Lodge, The Craggs, SA.JPG
with Belgian poet Andy Fierens and German saxophonist, Gert Anklam on tour in South Africa.JPG
with fellow cellists at the Cello Madness Congress, Berkeley, CA.JPG
with Gert Anklam and Andy Fierens, Cape Town.JPG
with Jennifer Ferguson at Novalis Ubuntu Centre.jpeg
with Joke in Redhouse, near Port Elizabeth.JPG
with master organist Paul de Mayer in the St Nicholas Cathedral, Gent, Belgium.JPG
with Paul Hanmer, jazz pianist.JPG
with the Drakensberg Boys' Choir.JPG
with Xhosa dancers, Hogsback Festival.JPG
work on WOTY 02.JPG
work space at previous base in Hogsback.JPG
working - any room, anywhere.JPG
working with youth orchestra, New York State.JPG
workshop in Austria.JPG
workshop, Soka University, California.JPG
WWI graves, Belgium.JPG
youth choir singing Mandela song, by HA!Man.JPG
accompanying Priscilla Glover and massed choir in the Guy Bulter Theatre, Grahamstown.jpg