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New Release Teasers

classical impressions 1 (extract).mp3
as long as something keeps moving (extract).JPG
blue hair trilogy (detail).JPG
ageing (extract).JPG
a certain south africanness (select).JPG
the organization of all knowledge, or the lack of it (extract).JPG
tropical bird (detail).JPG
undoings (extract).JPG
a bliss came over me (extract).mp3
Bart (extract 1).JPG
Bart (extract 2).JPG
bird carrying leaf (detail).JPG
africa, being home (extract).JPG
die krag is af (uittreksel).JPG
evolution (ectract).JPG
Wisdom Search (4) mapping the mind (extract).JPG
cello and owls extract.mp3
i had a dream (extract).JPG
Driving through Namibia (extract 1).JPG
Driving through Namibia (extract 2).JPG
that one voice (extract).JPG
teasers note.JPG
Bart (extract 1).JPG
Joke visits Canada for the first time, meeting family who have emigrated from Belgium. The visit brings forth the memory of her late uncle Bart and an unexpected desire for safety and child-like innocence. (JD Nov 2013)