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New Release Teasers

Chicago Fire (extract).mp4
all over the globe (detail).JPG
that one voice (extract).JPG
wide (detail).JPG
Questions of Spirituality 3 - Death of a Father (extract).JPG
Afrikaanse moment (extract).mp3
the universal blot (extract).JPG
umbilical colour (detail).JPG
moon, child and the dangling leaf (extract).mp4
SITRAP 210601 a power failure, the music of words, and pain (extract).JPG
blue eyed man (detail).JPG
the debate (quote).JPG
teddy (detail).JPG
the zombie state (extract).JPG
Wisdom Search 3 (extract).JPG
fatherly absence (extracts).JPG
levitating man (extract).JPG
kein feste burg (extract).mp3
circle of domestication (detail).JPG
Bibliotheek Stutterheim (fragment).JPG
teasers note.JPG
the universal blot (extract).JPG
why, is life really such a wonderful thing? what if this is the one thing that went wrong in the universe. but who am i to ask such a question? (HM Jun 2021)