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New Release Teasers

Chicago Fire (extract).mp4
all over the globe (detail).JPG
that one voice (extract).JPG
wide (detail).JPG
Questions of Spirituality 3 - Death of a Father (extract).JPG
Afrikaanse moment (extract).mp3
the universal blot (extract).JPG
umbilical colour (detail).JPG
moon, child and the dangling leaf (extract).mp4
SITRAP 210601 a power failure, the music of words, and pain (extract).JPG
blue eyed man (detail).JPG
the debate (quote).JPG
teddy (detail).JPG
the zombie state (extract).JPG
Wisdom Search 3 (extract).JPG
fatherly absence (extracts).JPG
levitating man (extract).JPG
kein feste burg (extract).mp3
circle of domestication (detail).JPG
Bibliotheek Stutterheim (fragment).JPG
teasers note.JPG
Afrikaanse moment (extract).mp3
two independent recordings on one evening of load shedding (power cut) layered together - shifting chords on piano plus an improvised Afrikaans talk - perhaps a conversation with the subconscious (HM Jun 2021)